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KCP-215 / GRIP ARM SUPPORT This is especially designed for giving the most support for grip arm . It is constructed by an extendable aluminum column and comes with the ball joint pivot clamp in one end and with an angle-adjustable attachments in the other end. The attachments are also easy to be fitted into KCP-930 which is lightweight aluminum clamp for quickly coupling the stand tube from 35mm to 50mm with its spring locking design. With this functional support arm, not only loading weight of grip arm could be increased but sliding problem could be solved. Specification Closed Length 56cm 22” Maximum Height 78cm 30.7” Weight 0.5kg 1.1lbs 1. Tiny clamp with double ball. 2. Length adjustable knob. 3. 3-4 way clamp adapter.

(stand, pipe, shot bags and ratchet strap for demonstration purposes only not included)