KS-404 Ball head w/1/4 male thread

KS-404 Ball head w/1/4 male thread

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Category Grip Adapters

This inexpensive little ball head is super handy to position any device that mounts onto a 1/4"-20M thread such as field recorders, field monitors, microphones, shoe mount flashes, microphones, etc.

CNC machining aluminum ball ( Dia. 26mm) with black anodized finish.

The round plate offers extra support and stability for cameras that rest on top of it. The male 1/4"-20 threaded steel stud matches most standard camera and camcorder female threads found on the bottom of the camera.) Thanks to the flexibility of removable knurled knob for fitting into different depths of 1/4''-20 female thread, all cameras and camcorders are able to be kept in place with ease and convenience.

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