KCP-605 6" chain clamp


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This clamp consists of a locking pair of pliers with a 6” length of chain that can be wrapped around odd shaped objects such as a tree branch. This clamp features two baby 5/8” (16mm) studs, one mounted on the back of the clamp and another at a right angle at the end of the handle that is used to adjust the tension when locked down. The studs have a knurled texture to prevent fixtures from rotating. The release lever has a set-screw with a knob to prevent accidental opening of the clamp when locked in place.

Minimum Jaw Diameter: 1.00 in / 25.40 mm
Maximum Jaw Diameter: 6.00 in / 152.40 mm
Length: 12.63 in / 32.07 cm
Width: 6.00 in /15.24 cm
Height: .90 in / 2.29 cm
Weight: 2.20 lbs /1.00 kg

MTPS05 pouch
MTPS05 pouch
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