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KPC-138 / GATE EYE Made of malleable iron casting with hot dip galvanized finish, Kupo pipe clamps are enhanced with further surface zinc plating in addition to the initial finish, providing excellent performance against environmental corrosion. It is constructed for a wide variety of tubular applications and structures. Stainless hex screw helps to firmly lock the pipe into the clamp. Versatile and rigid. Suitable for outside diameter 48.30mm tubular pipe. ● Made with the material in accordance with ASTM A197. Surface treatment in accordance with ASTM A153. ● Stainless steel hex screw. Subject to the iron cast manufacturing, dimension might slightly differ in each production. The dimension given are nominal value for reference only. Feature - No welding required. - Quick installation. - Enhanced surface treatment for better corrosion protection. - Suitable for pipe with outside diameter 48.30mm.

(pipe not included demonstration purpose only)

SmallRig Cage for DJI Osmo Action CVD2360
SmallRig Cage for DJI Osmo Action CVD2360
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