Combo Van

Combo Van

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white Iveco van (450HHX, 2.7M high, 2M wide and 6M long)



- Matthews round/round dolly(rubber wheels and track wheels) with 40ft track

- mini jib, ladder camera mount(warko ladder) and weaver steadman head

- slider, wartoosi and 2 product dolly's

- 2/ high boy stands, 2/ 10x10 scaff pipes, 15x12 black, 2/ 10x10 black and washing

- 1 set apple boxes and pancakes, sushi's, wedges and 2x4 platform with assorted scaff

- KD tent, 4/ umbrellas and 15 shot bags

- assorted scaff rigging, magic arms and chain clamps



- 1/ 2.5K HMI par,1.8K HMI, 1/1.2k HMI par, 1/1.2k HMI fres, 1/ 575W HMI fres and 1/ 200W HMI fres

- 2/ 2ft-4bank diva fluoro, 2/ 2ft-2bank diva fluoro,

- 2/ blondes, 3/ redheads, 1/650W fres and 2/ 300W fres

- 2/ 1x1 (1000LEDs), 2/ (500LEDs) and 1/ (216LED)

- 12x12 and 6x6 frames with griflon, Lisa Marie, silver bounce, ultra bounce, 1/2 and 1/4 stop silk

- 3/ reflector boards, assorted poly, lighting stands, assorted gel/diffusion, leads and power boards

- 30ft- 3 phase lead, 3 phase distro board and 2 dimmers

- 8/ cstands, 8cine stands with 2/ hollywoods


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