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Sumolight SUMOSPACE Space Light Kit

LED Light Panel with Ultra High Color Rendition, DMX/RDM, Ethernet and Wireless Interfaces - Bi-Color (Space Light Kit)

Brighter Lighter Better

SUMOSPACE is the latest evolution in the SUMOLIGHT family. Building on years of experience, incorporating user feedback and innovation, Sumolight developed a new wave in high-quality LED Bi-Color fixtures that sets a new standard for the industry. The versatile SUMOSPACE is compact, brighter and lighter than most fixtures on the market.

Sumolight designed a durable fixture simulating the same output of a 6k spacelight together with the power consumption of a LED. SUMOSPACE is passively cooled, comprising of vibrant color rendition that needs no adjustment or filtering and delivers enhanced beam fields from the ingenious interchangeable optic system.

The SUMOSPACE works harmoniously with Sumolights array of light shaping tools, transforming the fixture from a spacelight to a soft light. Sumolight invites you to re-imagine the concept of studio overhead and soft lighting. Unique, with the ability to dial the intensity anywhere from 0 - 100% and the color temperature from 2,800 to 6,000 K allows you to remain flexible regardless of complexion or depth – a perfect complement to modern light-sensitive cameras.


  • Ultra High Color Rendition TLCI 99, CRI 95
  • Interchangeable Optics for 30°, 60°, 120° Beam Angle
  • No color shift across 0 - 100% dimming range
  • Flicker free at infinite frame rates and dimming levels
  • Smooth and accurate color adjustment 2.800 – 6.000 K
  • DMX/RDM, Ethernet and wireless interface
  • Passively cooled, no fan or moving parts
  • Highly optimized thermal design with SUMOLIGHT heatsink technology
  • Powerful Output up to 13,000 Lux [1,200 fc] at 3 m [10 ft] 500 W Power Consumption
  • Dimension: 51 x 56 x 10 cm (fixture only)
  • Weight (fixture only): 5,5 kg
  • Weight (Space Light Kit): 11,9 kg

This Kit includes:

  • 1x SUMOSPACE Bi-Color fixture
  • 1x Power Supply
  • 1x Head Feeder Cable (15 m)
  • 1x AC Power Cord
  • 1x Reflector
  • 1x Target
  • 1x Light Shaping Tools Bag
  • 1x Skirt Short
  • 2x Skirt Covers Short
  • 1x Hangers
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