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World Class Production Jib with 80kg Payload!

Top Quality Jib Crane - offers specialized movements and camera positioning
Thought-out Equipment - telescopic jib arms on both sides for studio & location use
Universal Design - meets needs of filmmakers in today’s modern film & television industry


Proaim Comet Jib Crane is a professional, lightweight, compact and modular jib arm which provides smooth, vibration free movements in tight, confined spaces. Telescopic arms on both sides make Comet Jib a universal piece of equipment for many shots. It is suitable for all standard Euro / Mitchell Remote Head systems. The advantage is a very fast resetting of arm length by telescoping in or out and using the extension section you can achieve required length in no time and completely without tools. It is portable and mounts on standard Euro-mount dollies . High-grade aluminum constructed jib is designed specifically for heavier camera setups up to 80kg/176lb.

Proaim Ridgeline Dolly with Centre Column is specially designed for Comet Jib Crane. Ridgeline is a solid chassis (fixed width) Dolly, the base is equipped with steerable pneumatic tyres for easy maneuverability. Proaim Comet Jib satisfies the demands of operators when it comes to safety, transport, ease of assembly and in-shot stability.

756 jumbo stand
756 jumbo stand
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