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The ideal dolly and crane track – Unlimited freedom of creativity! 

The one-piece Aluminum profile of the Master Track System offers a maximum of stiffness in combination with low weight.

As a result of special alluminum alloying the tracks are easy to use. The surface ins special hard coated for a long lasting application.The use of steel connections provides a long lasting functionality.

The Master Track System is synonymic for a maximum of flexibility. The tracks are fold-away, ideal for small packages as well as the possibility of using a narrow gaugue, 62cm to 36cm.

  • low weight and maximum stiffness
  • minimal substructures needed
  • minimal expansion at thermal changes
  • smooth running surface – special hard coating
  • Vibration free movement due to direct connections, use of steel connections provides a long lasting functionality
  • Precise cuttings for smooth transitions
  • Wide sleepers offer the highest stability and make possible stacking the tracks
Mathews round d round dolly
Mathews round d round dolly
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